Interest groups

The interest groups in Green Industry Cluster are gathered around the core business or major sales sector for groups of member companies.

These groups are facilitated by the cluster`s administration and have regular meetings throughout the year.

Some of the interest groups have been transferred from previously separate networks and are closed at the request of the member companies. This applies to the process industry council, process manager forum and to the procurement network.

GIC Offshore forum:

Open group for members who deliver to or have activities in the offshore sector.

The group is under development. More information will be posted here when it is clear which activities will be started.

This spring`s most important activity will be Industriuka in May. It will be possible for companies to present themselves with a stand. More information will be sent out to the cluster members and information about the event will be posted on

Green Industry Cluster collaborates with Vestfold and Telemark county municipalities on a common stand for the region at ONS and a pavilion in Vågen during ONS. If you want more information about this, contact:

GIC Process industry council:

Consists of top managers and union representatives of the larger process companies.

NHO, LO and Norsk Industri participate in the meetings.

Discusses common challenges and experiences in constructive collaboration between management and union representatives.

Meets 4 x a year.

Closed group.

GIC Process leader forum:

Consists of top managers of the larger process companies, as well as NHO from the employer`s side. Discusses challenges for the process industry regionally and challenges framework conditions at national and global level.

Exchanges experiences and solutions.

Meets 4 x a year.

Closed group.

GIC Procurement network:

Consists of purchasing managers for the larger process companies.

Exchanges best practice collaborations on solutions for its subject area across the region.

The procurement network has, among other things, collaborated on:

  • Common pre-qualification system for suppliers.
  • Better routines for hired foreign labor from the tax authorities.
  • Common policy against work-related crime (downloadable from the About Us page).

Meets 4 x a year.

Closed group.